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Positive relationships and professional growth

Work should be a happy place and building  professional relationships with colleagues is an essential part of one’s personal well being. Essentially people are what can make or break our careers.  In education, as we move away from being locked in traditional silos and only having to interact with members of the same department, into the integrated curriculum which requires working outside of known, comfort areas, it is important to keep the tenets of positive relationships in mind.

At the start of this year I teamed up with a colleague from the lower middle school, Heather Wigg, and together we facilitated a PLG group.  Our purpose was to present Teaching as Inquiry in a positive way as it has become a compulsory aspect of teacher registration.  This was a challenging task as I quickly became aware that there was a certain degree of reluctance about “having” to do a TAI.  Heather and I worked hard to dispel criticism and negativity. It was challenging and at times frustrating but we hammered away on the positive side and this led to lots of interesting and meaningful discussions.